What’s a Watt Score?

For many of us, one of the first questions we’d ask before buying a new car is “What kind of mileage does it get?” Yet when we consider moving into a new apartment, we don’t think to ask about the utility bill we can expect when we move in. Services like Home Energy Audits are available to provide guidance before purchasing a new home, but renters in New York City have had little way to distinguish one unit from another that is more efficient. The Watt Score aims to close this gap through a simple analysis that estimates the electric bill for the average building unit.

Simple process

Though New York City has recently required residential buildings to post signage with a letter grade indicating their energy efficiency performance, this letter grade does not necessarily provide actionable data for tenants. This score is based on the Energy Star rating, which is developed from “Source Energy” vs “Site Energy,” which is closer to the energy usage that shows up on your utility bill. Additionally, Energy Star ratings are based on a building’s performance relative to its peers. The Watt Score is designed to provide insight into the most direct impact energy efficiency has on tenants: the size of their utility bill.

Empowering Savings

Your apartment’s energy efficiency, simplified. www.wattscore.org

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